One of the ways Marketers will save time is by automating their tasks. One such example is content creation for advertising. Videos are one of most engaging media consumed so let us look at how AI will help to simplfy, reduce time and give more control. 

There are many AI products in the market that focus specifically on text to speech or video creation. Choices that include Murf AI, Speechify, Speechelo, Natural Reader, Amazon Polly. 

Tools like MurfAI could repalce the need for voice actors by create high-quality voice overs in minutes. All you need is a script and AI will convert it into nautural sounding voiceover. Further you could add background music, stock videos – All of this can be done in minutes vs. weeks. 

Here is an example:

In past lack of emotiveness in AI generated speech can often be picked up and the difference between good like human vs. a robotic computer sounding. 

As I was researching below quotes from Murf.AI’s article stood out to me and persuaded me to test their product. 

 “Emotion in text to speech is the single biggest factor in determining realism of AI voice over generators.


Further,  “In simpler words, it signifies the AI model’s capability to learn from human speech and imitate the conveyed emotions in the generated AI voice.

With recent advances in synthetic speech technology, it is now possible to express emotions like happiness, anger, sorrow, empathy, excitement, and many more in text to speech voices.”

The article from discusses the potential of text-to-speech (TTS) and voice cloning technologies

Key points:

  1. AI in Marketing: AI has revolutionized the marketing landscape, with applications in automated decision-making, customer data analysis, and media buying1. AI marketing harnesses the power of machine learning, big data, and algorithms to anticipate customer actions, thereby transforming marketing strategies.
  2. Text-to-Speech (TTS) for Marketing: TTS is a valuable tool that allows marketers to transform written content into engaging audio formats. This can expand their reach to audio-oriented audiences and improve accessibility.
  3. Adoption for Marketing: Marketers can leverage TTS and voice cloning technologies to enhance their communication strategies and marketing campaigns. This technology can significantly improve content consumption and accessibility.

In summary, the adoption of AI, particularly TTS and voice cloning technologies, can provide significant benefits for marketing, including improved accessibility, reach, and engagement.  


What is a synthetic voice?

Synthetic voice is a computer-generated audio output that resembles a human. 

What role will text to speech play in modern marketing?

Personalization is crucial in modern marketing as consumers expect tailored experiences. AI enables marketers to gather and analyze customer data, allowing them to create highly targeted and relevant campaigns.

How does Text to speech  (TTS )AI work?

TTS AI is uses techniques such as deep learning based models for training their speech models with emotional data. The deep neural networks or DNN are at the core and have emotional labels on their training data. 

Here is an example of:

How to Automatically Add Realistic AI Voice Overs to Your Google Slides Presentation

written by Jas. Singh



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